Jermar Electrical Services offers outdoor landscape lighting that life-up your home’s landscaping. This system is a typical low-voltage one that works with three simple ingredients: fixtures, low voltage electrical cable and a transformer. The installation part is quiet demanding for those who have a little experience in handling electric wirings. We offer high quality and skill and can do it with an impressive degree of expertise.

Some lighting concepts we can offer include:

Area lights – These may be flood lamps and pother lightings that are used to illuminate a large area. These can be used creatively to generate dramatic results. You can use them for parks, play areas, pet areas, pool areas and any large area you want to light up.

Pathway lights- These are especially designed to furnish visibility to commuters moving on the pathways. They are amongst the chief part of outdoor landscape lighting. Thus they need to be well done. For this purpose, our team has a creative and specialized experience on this front.

House lighting-As a home lighting instrument you can attract visitors. They can be put up on the gate, front lawn, building exterior and give an impression of an atrium. Landscape lighting leaves the visitors spellbound. This is one of the most sought after landscape lighting offerings. Designs of trees, fountains, etc can be highlighted on your property and enhance its outlook.

Let Jermar Electrical Services help brighten your property. We can help you develop an exceptional and secure outdoor lighting option. Thus, our outdoor landscape lighting furnishes a flattering appearance blended with technological, creative, elegant and natural outlook.


Other landscape lighting options include:
Up Lighting | Down Lighting | Back Lighting | Shadowing | Grazing | Highlight or Focal Point | Cross Lighting | Path Lighting |Silhouette Lighting | Wall Washing | Mirror Lighting | Safety Lighting | Underwater Lighting

Jermar Electrical Services, is your licensed Electrical Contractor who help you create beautifully lighted outdoor and indoor spaces. Call today for a free estimate.

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