The job description for a mastered licensed electrician is to obtain permits and perform electrical work as required by law for maintenance and construction work on state properties like office buildings, hospitals, highways and prisons. A mastered licensed electrician connects wires to switches, controls, plugs, traffic controls, light fixtures, breaker panels, switchboards and appliances. They splice wires by stripping insulation from leads, clamping, twisting, and soldering leads together and apply terminal caps using hand tools. They repair and replace defective electrical equipment like outlets, plugs, motors, appliances, switches, and controls using hand tools, testing equipment and manuals. They test installations for the safety of all components by using test equipment.

Mastered licensed electricians measures, cuts, assembles, bends, threads and installs electrical conduit, outlet boxes, junction switch and switchboards using special equipment like mechanical drills, cutters, benders and hand tools. They also clean equipment and keep records on equipment status and maintenance. They install and repair phones, motors, controls, lights, and appliances using hand tools and electric drills. They inspect and evaluate electrical equipment to make sure that it operates safely and correctly. They monitor inventory and determines the materials that are needed for repair work. They clean and maintain tools and do maintenance on equipment used for a electricians work. Sometimes they may train lower level apprentice electricians. And they also perform all related work that is assigned to them. Some additional job duties may be assigning work to other lower level electricians, trades helpers, and apprentice electricians.

Some job qualifications for mastered licensed electricians are knowledge of electronics and electricity, electrical codes, materials, tools, and electrical equipment. They must have knowledge of electrical devices like transformers, controls, starters, switches, panel boards and motors. They must know safety standards and practices, and potential hazards with electrical work. They must have skills with using tools, skills in the installation of electrical devices, skills in repairing electrical devices, skills in diagnosing problems and electrical break downs and the ability to read and understand blueprints, manuals, schematics and instructions with no trouble. Mastered licensed electricians must have the ability to make math computations, they must have the ability to work from ladders, hydraulic towers, scaffolds, and the ability to go inside tunnels and crawl spaces when needed. The must also have the ability to understand and study new technology on a regular basis.

Some of the working conditions of a mastered licensed electrician may be from ladders or hydraulic lifts in areas with high voltage. Some jobs may require a worker to work in bad conditions, upon high structures, and be exposed to changing weather conditions. Some of these jobs could be located in a correctional facility and have contact with prisoners. The physical requirements are climbing up ladders and body movement such as bending and stooping in small spaces. There are two classifications that go with the job of a mastered licensed electrician and they are the experienced level and the advanced level. Both of these classifications do similar work except the advanced level oversees the work of other electricians.

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