After working hard the whole day you probably look forward to going home and relaxing in your private space, far away from the hassles and stresses of the outside world, and out of bounds to your noisy kids. In other words, your bedroom is your private space, where you can escape into tranquility. Before curling up – maybe with a good book – a nice relaxing bath in your bathroom is perfect, but maybe the lighting is very bad in there. In fact, the average bathroom has terrible lighting, and that is kind of annoying, as it’s not appealing and doesn’t provide the right light in the places you need it most.

For bathroom lighting that is appealing, you should have at least three different sources of light. This is so you’ll have lighting that illuminates and enhances the space itself, it will make the room appear larger or smaller – depending on your tastes. Also, you want lighting to create a sense of ambiance and to draw attention to an interesting feature or specific design detail of the room. And, of course, you want lighting that will focus specifically on areas such as the basin, shower, and so on.

​Ambient lighting

This is the lighting that is centralized, and you have many choices to choose from. When buying an ambient lighting fixture, look for one that will balance with your décor such as similar chic, faucets or hardware and so on. To add more flair, go for an overhanging fixture rather than a regular one. Track lighting or recessed lighting can also work well for you ambient lighting, but when trying to decide which kind of lighting looks best, consider your décor before deciding on a fixture.

Accent lighting

To add a touch of chic and sophistication, good accent lighting is a perfect idea. For instance, if your bathroom is a large room, a small lamp can add a touch of warmth, but be careful where you place it; it must be kept far enough from water to avoid electrocution. To highlight a decoration or cabinet, you can use a recessed light.

Track lighting

When choosing lighting options for your bathroom, try to avoid lighting that will cast shadows. If you want to fixture above a mirror, go for wall sconces rather than overhead fixtures, as they cast shadows. For complete coverage of the face when grooming, you can put wall sconces on either side of the mirror at eye level. Recessed lights and are ideal over your shower stall or tub area.

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